Sherwood Was Adopted

Hip! Hip! Hooray for you little fella!


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Dogs In Chairs #36

Race at bedtimeHi, I’m Race and I’m looking for my forever home.  Want to make this the best weekend ever? Adopt me.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Is That Beautiful Spring Weather That We See?

Ka$h and Chance

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April 22, 2015 · 2:17 pm

Did You Get A Nice Tax Refund Check?

If so, treat yourself to a little something-something from Mary Kay. Place an order with Ashley in April (put Coming Home Rescue in the comments section) and she’ll donate 20% back to us.

You get something pretty. We get some pretty pennies.  Everybody wins!

Ashley Earhart Mary Kay Ad for April newsletterShe has stuff for guys, too! If you’re not into Mary Kay, that’s okay. Will you consider passing this post along on your social media site or email to friends and family?

Ready to order? Go to Ashley’s website now


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Dogs in Chairs #35

the core four

So these dogs not only lined up according to size but also by age (youngest on the left and oldest on the right).  Well done doggies! Well done!

It’s going to be a beautiful spring weekend in Jersey. Hope you enjoy it (wherever you are)!

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