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Update on Newton

Newton 1

Newton is great!!!!! We love him so much!!!!  He loves running, jumping, tug of war, and playing!  Newton thinks he is a lap dog—he really enjoys sleeping on top of one of us. Every morning when my husband or I try to wake up our daughter, Newton jumps on her bed to guard her from us waking her. It’s really cute.

Newton 2

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Dogs In Chairs #49


Sometimes you get to be a dog in hammock, in a chair. Now that’s the way to travel! Here’s hoping your weekend travels take you some place fun (and you can to snooze all the way there).


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Wordless Wednesday ~ Relaxation

Frank snooze


July 29, 2015 · 2:17 pm

Tongue Out Tuesday

Hey It’s Tongue Out Tuesday! Here’s some of our favorite pooches with their tongues out.  Do you have pooch who is celebrating today?


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Want To Win A $50 Petco Gift Card

Petco gift card

Want to help us save more dogs? Let’s play the telephone game. You know the one. Where you tell a friend and they tell a friend and so on and so on.  

Anyone who signs up to receive our monthly e-newsletter will be entered to win a $50 Petco gift card.  This is for new sign ups only through August 31, 2015. So if you aren’t already a subscriber, sign up today! And then share this information with the folks you know that might want a gift card. Heck! Maybe if they win, they’ll share the card with you.

All you/they have to do is visit the homepage of our website,

In the “Join Our Mailing List” red box on right side, enter the email address and click “Join.”

We’ll randomly select one person from everyone that joins our email mailing list through August 31, 2015.


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