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We Are Looking For A Few Good Men and Women

Coming Home Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is looking for men and women to volunteer for the dog rescue. A plethora of opportunities exist that can fit a variety of schedules. Whether it’s once a year or once a week, the group relies on the volunteers to help with everything from dog adoptions events to special events. Interested individuals wanting to learn more can contact Coming Home Rescued at 1-888-405-7221, email info@cominghomerescue.org or fill out a volunteer application online at www.cominghomerescue.org.

Volunteers are needed for the following areas:

Grant Writer
Coming Home Rescue relies on the generous donations of the community to rescue dogs and provide them with medical care. The group needs a skilled grant writer to help with corporate donations. Note: this could be done from anywhere in the United States.

Dog Adoption Events
Nearly every Saturday, Coming Home Rescue hosts adoption events from 11am-3pm in various counties including Morris, Passaic and Essex. Volunteers are need for one to four hours to help with set up and take down, handing out brochures, talking to potential adopters and interacting with the dogs.

Coming Home Rescue has a van that transports dogs to the adoption events. Drivers are needed to transport to and from the event. These two jobs are usually split between two people. Must have valid driver’s license and be able to get dogs in and out of crates.

Fosters provide a loving, caring home to a dog until they find their permanent home. Coming Home Rescue does not have a shelter so it relies on fosters to take care of the dogs. The average length of time a dog is fostered in a home is about three weeks. Coming Home Rescue provides fosters with all the necessities including a crate, collar, an identification tag, food and toys. Fosters do not pay for any visits to the vet, medical care or medication.

Companion Visits
If enough fosters are not available, we will house dogs in one of three different boarding facilities. While the boarding staff will take care of feeding, watering and other daily needs, it’s always beneficial to have someone who will go the boarding facility to walk and exercise our dogs. Dogs also thrive when they are taken out for a spa day, hiking, park walking or for a few hours in a home.

Special Events 
There are a number of different events that go on throughout the year including the annual Tricky Tray and Dog Halloween parade. Several volunteers are needed in this area. Coming Home Rescue needs someone in the Rockaway area that is available to apply for permits as well as individuals that would like to spearhead the efforts of special events including finding venues.

We have started a new social campaign called “This Is What It Is Like To Volunteer For A Dog Rescue.” Interested individuals can follow this campaign on the following social media sites.

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cominghomerescu/this-is-what-it-is-like-to-volunteer-for-a-dog-res/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cominghome_  #volunteer #dogs

Instagram: https://instagram.com/cominghomerescue/ #volunteer #dogs

Blog: https://cominghomerescue.wordpress.com Category: Volunteering

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Give Yourself a Gift This Holiday

The greatest gift you can give is the gift of time.

Bing giving loveWant to do something good for soul? Then, give yourself the gift of volunteering. When you share your time and talents with others (human or furry), you make the world a better place.

If you live near the Rockaway, NJ area, we’d love for you to join our group of amazing volunteers. If you don’t live near us, consider volunteering for the local rescue in your area. Whether it’s an hour a day or an hour a month, or just a few times a year, many hands make light work.

And it really does take a village to get a dog adopted.

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Meet CHR Volunteer Mary

photo6“My dog, Frankie, means world to my husband and me. He brings us so much love and joy and completes our family. I want to help make that happen for other dogs and families,” said Coming Home Rescue volunteer, Mary.

And she’s been doing just that by volunteering to help animals since 2004. These days, she spends her time assisting two organizations: Coming Home Rescue and St. Barnabas Hospice Paws for Patients program.

For Coming Home Rescue, she transports dogs to and from adoption events, leads the charge with social media and advertising and supports the fundraising events.

“I help out with any other area of the group that needs a set of hands.”

This Jill of all Trades has enlisted the help of a special friend to aid in her endeavors. Her dog, Frankie, also enjoys giving back to his community. photo2

“Frankie is a certified therapy dog and we make visits to bring both canine and human companionship to hospice patients and their family members.”

One of the things that Mary enjoys best about being part of the group is the time she spends with others that are also passionate about finding good homes for rescue dogs.

“I feel a great sense of pride, accomplishment and most of all camaraderie with my fellow volunteers. They are like a second family to me.”

And it’s that sense of family and a close-knit group that makes Coming Home Rescue so special. While other rescue groups can be quite large and unwieldy, where a volunteer might feel lost, Coming Home Rescue is a bit like the television show “Cheers” where everybody knows your name. The group will get together socially as they did this summer to celebrate the organization’s third anniversary with an outdoor BBQ and everyone is gearing up for a holiday party and gift exchange next week.

photo5It takes a village to help rescue dogs and volunteers are needed in many capacities including: fostering, attending dog adoption events, fundraising, administrative duties, taking dogs to and from vet appointments, hanging posters and much more. For those interested in volunteering, Mary suggests stopping by an adoption event (which happens nearly every weekend in Morris and Essex County) to talk to members of the group.

“Meet volunteers in person and ask why they do it? The consensus is always the same: They love dogs and they love to give them a second chance. It’s really very simple.”

photo10In her spare time, Mary also has a passion for getting behind a camera.

“I love photography and taking photos of anything and everything – especially my dog!” (You can see a sample of her work throughout this blog post).

Do you enjoy taking pictures or editing videos? Beautiful photos that capture a dog’s personality go along way in attracting potential adopters. And seeing a dog in action (fetching a ball, enjoying the company of other dogs or playing with kids) is a way that a volunteer with those skills could help the group.

“Nothing fills my heart more than someone saying that the dog they adopted from us is the best thing that ever happened to them. If I can help make that feeling happen for another family, then I feel like I have done well.”

Are you ready to help a dog find their forever home? Fill out a volunteer application online or contact us at info@cominghomerescue.org or 1-888-405-7221.

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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

We are very fortunate that all our pups were safe and sound during the storm. While some of our volunteers are still waiting for power and cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy, we are all looking forward to getting back to “normal” again.

Please know that all of our pups are available for adoption and we can schedule and meet. Please take a look on our website.

There were many shelters that were hit by Sandy and are in desperate need of supplies and fosters for their dogs. Here are just a few in NJ that could use help:

  • Humane Society of Atlantic County – This shelter was flooded and estimates a loss of about $100,000. Click here to make a cash donation. You can also drop off heavy-duty trash bags, paper towels, copy paper, bleach, laundry detergent/fabric softener and Home Depot or Lowes gift cards at JC Motorsports, located at 831 W. White Horse Pike (Route 30) in Galloway, N.J. (map).
  • Humane Society of Ocean City – Although this shelter sustained minor damages, it was able to reopen on Friday. You can bring the following needed supplies to 1 Shelter Road in Ocean City (map): laundry soap, bleach, canned cat foot, 33-gallon trash bags and towels. To make a cash donation, click here.
  • Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter – This facility is still without power and heat. To make a donation, click here.
  • Woodbridge Animal Shelter (WAS) – The first floor of the shelter was flooded. You can make a cash donation by clicking here, and check its Amazon Wish List to donate supplies needed.

There is additional information on shelters in New York and Maryland as well that are in need of assistance on I Love Dogs website.

Whatever you can do to help, will be greatly appreciated.


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Meet CHR Volunteers Rebecca and Mike

You never know where you’ll meet your furry family member. When you least expect it, you could find the one for you.

“We remember the day we adopted our dog, Cimmie, from Coming Home Rescue. We were in the Rockaway area shopping for a TV and we saw the adoption sign out front of PetSmart. So we decided to go in and just take a look,” Mike said.

“We saw Cimmie in the crate and our hearts melted.  After a ten minute discussion, some paperwork reviewing, and a trip to the ATM we were approved to adopt Cimmie,” said Rebecca. “Cimmie’s foster, Marcia, was so helpful. She walked through the store with us when we were shopping for Cimmie because we never had a dog before.”

That was in in March of 2010. In 2011, Rebecca decided to volunteer and her husband, Mike, joined her efforts of saving dogs in New Jersey in May 2011.

“We adopted our Pomeranian, Cimmie, and were blessed to have him as part of our family. We wanted to help out other dogs just like Cimmie find their forever homes,” Mike said.

Rebecca and Mike lend a hand to Coming Home Rescue in a variety of ways: adoption events, fundraisers, they occasionally foster and both enjoy volunteering at special events like this year’s Halloween Dog Party and Costume Contest on October 28, 2012.

“We helped out with that last year,” Rebecca said. “It was so much fun seeing all the dogs in costume.”

In addition to his work with Coming Home Rescue, Mike has also been a volunteer board member for the townhome community we they have lived for two years. He is currently serving as treasurer.

They both feel that giving back is a worthwhile experience.

“Volunteering is a selfless way of helping others who can’t help themselves. Any big or little support that we offer to this organization [CHR] is tremendous because the end results are purely rewarding,” Mike said.

“Go out and do it! Every little bit you offer helps. Find something you have a passion for, whether it’s a dog rescue, planting trees in your local park, or being a big brother or big sister. Get more information about the organization and what their mission is,” Rebecca said.

And any rescue will tell you that having someone willing to open their doors and foster a dog is a huge benefit, not only for the organization, but for the dog as well. Fostering allows the dog to be in a safe and loving environment.

“We will never forget our first foster, Copter. He was a two-year-old terrier mix and had just been neutered when we took him into our home. He got along well with our ten-year-old Pomeranian, Cimmie,” Mike said.

“Copter had the cutest face and the floppiest ears, hence the name Copter. He stayed with us for about 3 weeks,” Rebecca said.

This dynamic duo really values being part of an organization that wants to help as many homeless dogs as they can.

“With the hundreds of thousands of dogs being euthanized in New Jersey, it makes me feel so good when I hear of a dog getting adopted,” Rebecca said. “And I love meeting new people and new dogs!”

And Mike agrees.

“Just knowing that my services to volunteering with a dog rescue will bring each dog we help one step closer to finding its forever home.”

These days Rebecca and Mike are embarking on a new adventure as they get ready to grow their family once again.

“This December we are adding a new member to our family,” Rebecca said.

“We’re expecting our first baby – a baby boy!” Mike said.

Interested in helping dogs find their forever homes? Fill out a volunteer application online or contact us at info@cominghomerescue.org or 1-888-405-7221.

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