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Jaxx Was Adopted

Can we get a Woot! Woot! for Jaxx who found his forever family (which includes a furry sibling)!!!

Jaxx and his new family

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Update on Brandi (Now Brandy)


It’s been three months since pretty girl, Brandi (now know as Brandy), found her forever home. We checked in with her family to see how things were going. From the sounds of Brandy’s response and her dad’s, we’re going to say it’s going really, really well.

Richard here with an update on Brandy from both me and her. Brandy (dropped the i and added the y) is a highly charged young lady. Usually at  2 or 3 in the morning she has to go outside to the bathroom.  She still needs training with basic commands especially while walking and heeling. She does quite fine with fetching and returning a play ball and responds to both sight and sound commands. Her table manners are impeccable as she sits before receiving either breakfast or dinner. I think she wants to be an Eyes, Ear, and Nose doctor when she grows up since in the morning after breakfast she hops back into bed and proceeds to practice her skills on me. Naturally, when I am getting my “morning exam,” her tiny tail is wagging about 1,000 rpm’s. Also, Brandy is very needy in that she does not like to be left alone even though her brother, Satchel, is with her. The two of them get along extremely well. Christine and I canceled our trip to Italy in October since we felt it was not fair to her for us to be away for a long period of time. Brandy is a joy and we love her oodles and oodles.  Now, Brandy wants to tell you her side of the situation; her computer skills and progressing at a remarkable rate.

Here goes…..Hi–Mom and Dad are letting me use the computer to respond to you. My name is Brandi, but my new name is Brandy.  They kinda sound the same, don’tcha think? I also have a new last name….mom and dad both call me: BrandyWeLoveYou. I think that’s maybe a silly last name, but since they scratch me behind my ears or pat me on the head, I guess it is a pretty good last name. But, speaking of names, my dad has many names for me.  For example, when I wiggle my butt and tail, he calls me Miss Stubbs, or, around two or three o’clock in the morning when I try to shove dad off my pillow, he rubs my whiskers and says:  Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. He tells me he’s going to read to me the story of The 3 Little Pigs. I can’t wait. Oh, this is important…..Dad likes to cook so when he is by his chopping block, Satchel and I guard the corners. We get to pick up whatever accidentally drops to the floor; it is usually something really tasty, too. But, sometimes we get too close and dad says: you Noodleheads back off so Satch and I walk into the living room for a few seconds then return to our guard positions. Finally, mom is the nicest. She takes me for a walk every day, but I have to learn to listen to her more often. But she is the greatest. Sometimes she lets me lick her ice cream dish, too. Well, that’s it for now. Mom and Dad say you are welcome to come by for a visit sometime. Take care. Be good.

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