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Ayla is Looking for Her Forever Home

You have to meet Ayla in person to truly appreciate the goofy and fun-loving nature of this beautiful girl. At a recent training event, Ayla was the star of the class who quickly learned new techniques and commands with ease. Found as a stray, she is adjusting well to home life with her foster mother. Ayla is a three-year-old pit/boxer mix who weighs approximately 60 pounds and enjoys giving kisses. Alya’s playful nature makes her an ideal match for any active adults (especially runners as Ayla enjoys stretching her legs). She will be well suited for a family with teenage children. Ayla enjoys splashing around a bathtub and playing with her toys, but at the end of the day, she likes to chill out and is a good snuggler. She is up-to-date on all of her shots, spayed and microchipped. Ayla is a happy dog with a big heart. Fill out an application online or call 1-888-405-7221 or email info@cominghomerescue.org to schedule a meet and greet.

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Ayla is Looking for a Forever Home

Hi! My name is Ayla and I’m looking for a forever home. I’m a unique mix of Boxer, Terrier and Pit Bull. Being just shy of two years old, I am full of energy. If you’re looking for a running partner, I’m your gal.

I adore playing with my toys and guess what? I love taking a bath. Splashing around in the tub, well, maybe I was a swimmer in another life. I have a beautiful tan and white coat and big brown puppy-dog eyes. 

If you’re willing to work with me, I’m a good learner. I’m working on all kinds of commands with my foster mom (like I already now how to “sit” and I’m getting pretty good at “wait”, too). I’m really looking forward to expanding my vocabularly and figuring out how to do other things.

You can see by my photo that I have an eye for fashion, too.

Do you like kisses? Because I love giving them. I’m also a super, duper, awesome snuggler. So when it’s time to settle down for the night and watch some TV or go to bed, I’m all about chilling out.  

You can usually find me at any of the adoption events with Coming Home Rescue. But if your Saturday is really busy and you can’t get out to see me then, give the nice folks a call 1-888-405-7221 or send them an email info@cominghomerescue.org. You can check your schedule. I can check mine. And we’ll find a time for us to meet.

Hope to see you soon!

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