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We’re Starting A New Blog Series

Ah, Thursday. The unofficial start of the weekend….cause really, who works on Fridays? Our bodies might go to the office, but our minds are thinking about kicking back and relaxing…especially during the dog days of summer.

We just rescued Dugan, a Basset Hound mix, and it turns out that he likes to sit in chairs. Which got us to thinking, maybe there are some other dogs that like to sit in chairs. And guess what? Turns out other dogs do like to sit in chairs.

So in honor of all dogs that like to sit in chairs, we are kicking off a new blog series. Check back on Thursdays to see dogs that like to sit in chairs. We’re creating a category for it too, so if you miss a week, just click on “dogs in chairs” on the right side of this blog to see all the postings.

And, if you have a dog or dogs that like to sit in chairs, send us a photo and we’ll feature him or her on our blog.

So let’s kick off the weekend with our first dog in chair!



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