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Update on Major

As I write this he is laying on the couch next to me, snoring away. A few things they did not mention in the Petfinder description: He snores, he drools and he has a sensitive digestive system. We absolutely LOVE HIM.  Major and Velvet during tax season

We have an in-home office and both Major and Velvet (our other cane corso) love to be in the office with us. The first few weeks of tax season, with clients coming in and out, Major was always on alert. Barking at the clients and unable to lie down while anyone was in the office. Velvet, being a 3-year veteran of the process, would greet the clients with a sniff and a wag and then go lie down. By the beginning of March, Major had it down pat. He was so popular and many clients brought other family members with them to pick up returns in order to see the “Big Dog.” (He has filled out to a healthy 140lbs.) 

He and Velvet love to rough house in the office. Major definitely defers to Vel and very rarely do we have to correct them for getting too rough. Now that the weather has started getting nicer, we can let them out in the yard to play. (We have the invisible fence, which both dogs take very seriously)! Occasionally when they play outside, Major gets carried away and forgets his size. When we play with him, the same thing happens, but we are working on getting him to understand “Easy.” Both my husband and I grew up with large dogs and are familiar with handling them and making sure we are in control.

All in all, Major is a big, clumsy, mushy love of a dog. I have attached pictures of him and Velvet…always seeming to be near each other…and one of the two dogs, and my husband on the dogs’ beds in front of their window in our office.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped take care of Major until we could find him. We truly appreciate it!

Ingrid & Tom

Major Velvet and Dad

Major and Velvet

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