Tastefully Simple Fundraiser To Benefit Coming Home Rescue


Online Fundraiser, There is NO Physical Party to Attend
ORDER ONLINE now through August 31st, 2015

Coming Home Rescue, Inc. is proud to partner with Tastefully Simple in this delectable fundraiser! Indulge in mouthwatering desserts, soups, breads, dips, sauces, beverages, and so much more! Over 60 items to choose from.

Coming Home Rescue, Inc. will receive 25% of EVERY sale. There is no minimum for Coming Home Rescue, Inc. to get a donation. Everybody’s order stands alone! This means you don’t have to wait for the fundraiser to end to have your order go through. Your order is guaranteed to arrive within 10 business days of the day you place the order.

Happy shopping!
You can browse the online catalog.
100% of the profits will be donated to Coming Home Rescue, Inc.


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