Update on Sushi

Sushi is doing great, he is adjusting well, we have had no bathroom accidents in the New Year. He is cuddly and playful. The longest surviving toy is the one his foster mom gave us on the day we took him home. We have had to get rid of a few along the way but his raccoon is his longest pal.

He has adjusted well to his crate and will sometimes beat us too it at night and we will find him curled up in there before we go to bed at night.

He is definitely building confidence, he knows his way around the block and made some pals with the other neighbor dogs. We still aren’t too sure about young kids, he seems interested and we haven’t brought him close to little guys. Since we got him so close to Christmas, he did great on Christmas Day with our extended family, he jumped from lap to lap and got some great presents from the family!

His favorite spot is on our couch or his doggie bed, we have found him in some interesting places when we come home from work. He stays in our kitchen and have found him on the chairs, under the table, taking up two of them.

I didn’t realize it was this long, but I wanted to end, saying that we are doing great, we really love him and my parents, brothers and I are so happy to have helped even one dog have a forever home and I know it’s cliche but he really helped save us and has brought so much fun, happiness and love to our family.

Thank you to you for saving such a wonderful dog.


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