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You Could Help Save A Life in 2015

A donation today could help save a dog tomorrow.

JollyFor the last five years our volunteers have worked to save the lives of happy but not always healthy dogs. Sweet faces with small and big paws all hoping this is the day they get to begin their new life in a safe, warm and loving environment with humans to call all their own.

We wish all the love we have in our hearts for these pups could make what we do possible. But alas, it takes dollars to make it happen!

Every dollar we receive goes directly to help save more dogs. Whether it’s providing food for Dugan, neutering for Newton or providing all of our dogs with heart worm preventative, we use up all those pennies to provide the best health care and everyday necessities for the pups until their forever families adopt them.

Without the generosity of our wonderful supporters, we couldn’t do what we do. And that means that some wonderful, loving dogs won’t be able to be rescued in time to enjoy the holidays in his/her new home.

So if you can spare a dime…or two or three, the pups would really appreciate it! ¬†Please consider a year end donation today. ¬†Your gift is tax-deductible, so giving is not only incredibly kind, it’s smart! Thank you for your generous support!


And please spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and if you use social media, would you consider sending out your own request via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email, text, phone or blog? Here’s the handy-dandy link to our donation page on the website.

Are you all full of the holiday spirit? Feeling like you want to give back and give back BIG? Print out one of our dogs (or several dogs pictures) from the website, tape it to a coffee can and put it on your desk at work. You might be surprised how many folks are willing to spare a dime…


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