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Update on Cooper

All is well with Coop!  We did some research on resource aggression and with consistency and patience, I am happy to report that there have been no incidences of aggression for several months.

Below is a picture of my autistic son, Packey with Coop.  Coop is terrific with him!  Also is a picture of Coop with my older son, Jake, who is the main caretaker for Coop – yes, a 14 year old who is actually responsible for his dog! He starts and ends every day taking Cooper out.  He feeds him and takes him for at least one long walk after school – two on the weekends.  Jake has done a fantastic job training and caring for Coop and it has been rewarding for us to
observe as parents.

Thanks for checking in and if you need a reliable teenage volunteer, Jake is available!


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