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PartyLite Virtual Fundraiser to Benefit Us

Now thru July 20, 2014  Koby from Coming Home Rescue

Coming Home Rescue supporters, Ellen and Janine, are hosting a virtual PartyLite party to benefit Coming Home Rescue.

Click this link – http://www.partylite.biz/sites/stephaniezerrenner?selectedLocale=en_US

1) The PartyLite Welcome Page will display. You’ll see Stephanie Zerrenner’s name on the right.
2) Scroll down.  On the left you’ll see a Square:
Placing an Order
For a Party?
Find your Host >>
3) Type Janine’s name:  First: Janine / Last: Ringier and hit SEARCH
4) You’ll see HOST – Janine R.   PARTY DATE/TIME – Sun, 07/20/2014 02:00 PM
5) Click on Janine R (it’s a link) – next page click CONTINUE
6) You will be redirected to the Welcome Page again where you can now begin shopping for CANDLES – HOME DECOR – WHAT’S NEW … whatever you like
7) After making your menu picks, you’ll see the box confirming that your order will be  applied to the party of Janine Ringier.
8)  All Hostess rewards/profits will go to Coming Home Rescue.

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