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Bear (formerly known as BP) Was Adopted This Weekend and He’s Sending Selfies


I wanted to send a few selfies and say THANK YOU for taking such good care of me while trying to find my forever people!  They love me soooo much and I’ve got them wrapped around my paw already.  I’m still trying to work on them with letting me get away with everything, but they seem to have a constant eye on me!  I’ve got them signed up for classes, so I can teach them how to really treat a pup – we will see how they do.  I give them lots of encouragement and puppy kisses in the mean time.

It’s been a couple of busy days since coming home.  I’ve been on walks, running in the yard, watching the deer (okay, barking at them a bit too), going to dad’s studio, and even trying to play with the cats.  They don’t seem to mind me hanging around, but they get all fluffy when I try to play – silly kitties.  We think we will all be good citizens of the house though.

I can’t wait to meet my new doctor (Dr. Mike) tomorrow.  I hear he’s great. I’m sure he will love me and say I can eat anything I want – well, I’m hoping anyway. :)

I better get back to my rope and my chew bones.  They need to know who’s boss!

Thank again!  You do an amazing and much needed work!  Dad says he’s going to plan some fundraisers at the studio for you too once the doors get open.

Woofs and licks,

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