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Update on Juneau (formerly Juniper)

We can’t imagine life without Juneau (formerly Juniper). She fit right into our family as if she’d always been with us, and within weeks she had us all figured out. She’s the ultimate rescue poster child, everyone loves her, and more than one of our friends have said “I’d consider getting a dog… if I could have THIS dog.” She’s sweet, playful, funny, athletic, energetic but not hyper, and knows just when to be watchful and when to be friendly. Every night when our two boys go to sleep, she curls up in her bed right between them like she’s just another one of the kids. She even has a best boyfriend called Benny (our friends’ rescued terrier/Muppet mix) that she gets to play with every week. Thank you to all the volunteers at Coming Home for giving her a chance at a new life, because we never would have gone to the Newark shelter ourselves even dreaming we’d find a dog like her to bring home.

This is a picture of June snuggled up with her fox… which she must really love as she hasn’t ripped the stuffing out of it (yet)! She will be the happy owner of her very own fence in a few weeks, so she can show off her incredible speed and agility and play with us in the backyard.

Melissa, Sam, Ian & Gabriel

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