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Your Kind Donations At Work

Laila 1

Every dollar and dime we receive goes directly back into rescuing more dogs and attending to their needs until they find their forever family. Here’s just a few ways those dollars are used. Please note: these are estimated numbers and they are subject to change.

Preventatives (such as heartworm pills) can cost anywhere between $6 to $15 per dog, per month. We try to buy in bulk to keep costs down.

Boarding costs can run us anywhere from $30 a week to $200 a week depending on the facility.

Spays/Neutering All of our dogs are either spayed or neutered before adoption. If they are too young to be altered at the time of adoption, we pay to have it done when the dog is older enough to have the surgery. These procedures vary depending on the health of the dog and the veterinarian’s office and we pay between $75 to $275.

Rabies shot is just one of many shots that our dogs need to have (puppies need far more to get them in good shape to grow to be healthy and strong dogs). The rabies shot alone costs us between $10 to $65.
Interested in helping us rescue more dogs this year? Make an online donation through our PayPal account. Or send a check to:

Coming Home Rescue
PO Box 405
Rockaway, NJ 07866

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