Update on Lacey (formerly Lady)

Lacey is doing very well.   The first picture was her first day in our home June, 2012 and the second is a current picture of her waiting for me to take her for a walk so patiently.   And, yes, she is a spoiled as they come!   If I look at these two pictures, they look like two different dogs LOL.

Thanks for asking for an update.   Have a very merry holiday and I hope you find homes for all those poor animals that people give away or become lost.   So, sad.

Carol and Wayne


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One response to “Update on Lacey (formerly Lady)

  1. Amy Byrd

    Dear Carol and Wayne, Loved your pictures. She looks peaceful & content. We adopted 2 dogs 4 years ago (found ! walking the street & and the 2nd came from a local rescue.) They are the light of our lives. So much fun. Like having personal trainers as we walk 3 times a day! They add so much interest & humor to our home.
    Amy & Rick in Texas

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