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Update on Sparky

 Sparky is doing GREAT! He is a great dog. He has not grown much bigger. He weighs in at a whopping 26 lbs, but we suspect he believes himself to be MUCH bigger.

He enjoys Wednesday morning playgroup, where he has friends mostly his size. He comes home ready for a nap. His favorite places for a nap are the couch or a sunny windowsill. (HMM, maybe part feline?)

He has a seatbelt for the car and when it goes on him he knows he is going somewhere fun. He enjoys visiting his doggie cousin, Ruby. He loves other people and children and will accept petting from any kind hand. Sparky usually greets us and visitors by licking feet, and has been known to steal socks and shoes. We are working on that but it seems to be a game.

He checks everything out and is very curious. Sparky is VERY loyal to our two youngest kids. He will do anything for them and they love teaching him new skills. We get many compliments about him. Many people comment on how cute he is. He has a unique appearance, and many people ask “What kind of dog is he?” We love telling them, “He is just a good little Mutt!”

My son wrote a letter too. This little dog is such a great fit for us and we couldn’t be happier!

Mary  and Family

To whom it may concern,

Hi, my name is Anthony and I am one of the owners of Sparky. I would like to tell you that Sparky is doing great. Everyone in my family is happy to see him whenever they come over. His favorite thing to do is play keep away. If he has a toy and we are trying to get it from him, Sparky darts away as if thinking, DON’T STEAL MY TOY! His absolute favorite toy is the tennis ball. When we would throw the ball he would usually bring it back so then we could throw it again.

This dog is extremely energetic. Sometimes we take him for mile walks and he’ll sprint the entire way. His least favorite noise is arm farts. Sparky loves to play with dogs his size or bigger. We bring him to a dog park every once in a while.  Once he comes back from the daycare he passes out and takes a long nap. He is good about warning us he’ll start to bark especially in car rides, he’ll bark viciously to let us know that he has to go. In my opinion, seeing Sparky is the happiest thing in the day. Sparky will always be loved with care.

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