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Cupcake wants to be a calendar girl. Will you help?

Will you help our friend, Cupcake, become a calendar girl? The post tells you where to click, then you just scroll the down the page, select the circle next her name and click on the VOTE button!

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IMG_6838PDAs. I don’t like them. No. Not those kind of PDAs (although sometimes they can be a bit much). It’s those kind that include public recognition  – Employee of the Month, public awards in front of you colleagues, etc. I’m generally embarrassed and uncomfortable by them, at least when I am the recipient.

I also don’t like pandering for votes. It also makes me uncomfortable. It feels like I am saying “Rah! Rah me! Pay attention to me! Vote for me!”

However, today I am going to do a little pandering. Well actually, I’m going to pander for your votes for Cupcake AND for Benny of Two French Bulldogs. He has liver cancer and your votes, and the result it will bring, will help money to pay for his treatment. It’s a cause I can fully support.

Jodi from Heart Like A Dogand Julie from The Daily Dog…

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Three Dogs Found Their Forever Homes

Mack has a new dad, mom, two human sisters and a fur sister named Luna. You can see that Mack and Luna have made fast friends! (Mack is on the left and Luna is on the right).

Mack new family

Mack’s new forever family

And our sweet little gal, Audrey, was adopted! Whoo-hoo! This poor little girl’s previous owner had not properly taken care of her and we were advised by our vet to have dental surgery done to remove thirty-one of her teeth to alleviate pain and suffering for her.  This sweetie pie is a trooper and has maintained a positive outlook on life and got back to eating as soon as she could!


This was before her surgery. She now has only three teeth.

Rumor’s foster family fell in love with her and have decided to make her a permanent member of their family. In just two weeks time, they noticed a complete turn around in her. She blossomed and became a playful and relaxed dog that loves to give kisses and cuddle. Her confidence also has grown and she is happy in and out of the house.



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