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Oldie But Goodie!

We love dogs! And hold a special place in our hearts for those more “mature” ones.

TWO Spoiled Cats

Hi Everybody!   Did you all know that August is Senior Pet Month?  Did you?  Well I did – and I think you know WHY I did.  I am a senior and proud of it.  Yep – thirteen years old and still hanging in there.  I know lots of cats and dogs who are older than that and still healthy.  We know that has a lot to do with our human companions and how well they take care of us but also sometimes it’s our genes (designer genes of course!).

Anyway, here’s some info from BlogPaws that I thought was super interesting:


I think I live with the perfect human family.  Why?  Well for many reasons but one of them is we are ALL “Seniors” !  That’s right – my parents are both SIXTY FIVE OR OLDER……. :D :D :D :D so we’re all hobbling along together taking care of each…

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