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Update on Leonard Now Known as Kai

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Leonard a year ago

I wanted to email you and say thank you again for choosing me to adopt Kai who was known as Leonard in your listing about a year ago. Time flies when you’re having fun! He’s up to 35 pounds and makes me laugh every day. His personality is protective yet loving and I couldn’t ask for a better fit for me! Kai and I starting hiking occasionally over the past couple weeks and he couldn’t be happier. Since moving back to the Adirondack area, he has loved the open space and chance to explore. Hiking is the perfect fit for his curious and active nature! He seems to sense when we are getting ready to go out for some playtime and gets incredibly excited. We added another pup to our little family and he has a little sister now named Khaleesi (Leesi for short!). They get along better than I could’ve ever asked and he seems to have taken on the big brother role perfectly. He’s incredibly smart and enjoys playing ball. I’ve attached a picture of him from today during our 7 mile hike in the Adirondacks and the pic you posted in which I first fell in love! I’m incredibly lucky. He’s been a blessing and I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you again for allowing me to adopt him and have him in my life!

Sincerely, Emily

Kai today

Kai today


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