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April 22 – April 28 2013 Raffle Ticket Winners

Get Your Raffle Tickets! It’s not too late. Still plenty of days to win!
Buy a ticket. If you win, we mail you a check. It’s that easy!
You still have two full months to win!
You win today. We put your ticket back in the bucket….which means you could win tomorrow and the day after that and…well, you get the idea.
2013 Spring Calendar Raffle Flyer

We are selling Calendar Raffle Tickets through June 30, 2013 to help raise funds to continue our work of saving homeless animals.

Tickets are $10.00 each and each ticket can win more than once! One winner is will be selected every day from April 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013. Daily cash prizes range from $20.00 to $200.00.

To purchase tickets, contact Coming Home Rescue at 1-888-405-7221 or info@cominghomerescue.org.

Not local?  We can mail tickets to you!  Also available for purchase at adoption events which are held nearly every Saturday in Morris, Essex and Passaic Counties.

Here are the fourth week’s winners:

Date          Ticket              Name       Amount
4/22/13  2827  Mike M. of North Arlington, NJ  $50.00
4/23/13  1802  Caroline B. of Ridgewood, NJ  $20.00
4/24/13  2078  Nate B. of New Haven, CT  $20.00
4/25/13  2191  Bob M. of Boonton, NJ $20.00
4/26/13  3350  Kathy H. of Cedar Grove, NJ  $20.00
4/27/13  1704  Sean M. of Wharton, NJ $100.00
4/28/13  3455  Brian L. of East Hanover, NJ $50.00

If you  follow our blog and are a raffle ticket winner, let us know so we can do the “Blog Raffle Ticket Winner Dance.”


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