Carly Needs Your Prayers

We took CARLY from a local shelter because she was such a sweetheart and so deserving of love and a home. It didn’t Carlymatter that she was a little older – but clearly this dog was someone’s pet. We feel that “rescue” is not always about the cute and adorable puppies.

Shortly after arriving, Carley was diagnosed with two advanced tumors – one on the adrenal gland which sits on top of the kidney and one near the uterus which is invading her bladder. Our vet does not feel they can be removed safely or completely.

Carly is now in a foster home with two of our amazing, compassionate volunteers. Here, she will be showered with love and attention and kept comfortable for as long as possible.

We will provide her with any palliative care treatment that will benefit her. Please say a prayer for Carly and remember: Treasure your dog as your dog treasures you!


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