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Update on Cupcake and Oscar



Cupcake and Oscar have settled into their forever home and the upcoming holidays has been keeping everyone busy.  Our new family members are doing very well since their adoption approximately a month ago.  The ‘kids’ like playing in their yard, going for long walks daily with their dog walker Christine who stops by midday to check on them while we are at work and both love their dog treats.  Cupcake and Oscar are glad to have each other and I think that is helping them adjust to their new lives much faster, because they do everything together and neither is lonely when on their own. We have absolutely fallen in love with our little fur balls.

I can assure you that Cupcake and Oscar get plently of love and attention in addition to lots of play and snuggle time. Just the other day we went to Petco to pick out winter coats, all had a good time. Oscar and Cupcake will be spending Christmas with other members of their new family in the Poconos.  More time to snuggle and play with new friends.  They also have their Christmas outfits, we will be reindeers this year.  I also have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing some new squeeky toys for Christmas.

Linda and Lauren

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