Unveiling Our Custom Van for Transporting Rescue Dogs

We received a generous grant from the charitable estate of Gigi Szollosy. The gift, given in Ms. Szollosy’s memory, has provided an opportunity for us to have a custom van made to transport a minimum of ten dogs in custom crates, with the ability to add additional crates, to adoption events. The van was shipped from Indiana, via a flatbed, from a custom conversion company and has been graphically wrapped to feature us and the work we do.

“The decision to help Coming Home Rescue with this van would have been easy for Gigi. Anyone who knew her should remember a civic-minded volunteer who believed in fighting for the underdog. After witnessing Coming Home’s struggle to help Maddy, a severely handicapped yet happy dog rescued from the streets of Newark, find a forever home, I knew they were a hometown group that deserved Gigi’s help,” said Jo Ann Bieksha, Executrix of Ms. Szollosy’s will. “I couldn’t think of a better way to keep her spirit alive than to help them continue to ‘battle for the underdog’ in the town where Gigi had lived & worked.”

The idea for the van came about when Jo Ann Bieksha and Charlene Jackson (one of the three founding board members for  Coming Home Rescue) began to discuss a tangible way to remember her friend, Gigi.

“Joanne has been a wonderful friend to us and has helped us in many ways, more than financial. She helped us get our start that first year and has supported many of our events like the calendar raffle and the Pub Crawl. She’s been a great friend to us and our dogs,” said Charlene Jackson. “The van will save us a lot in resources since we won’t need to send multiple people to a location to pick up dogs. We also hope it will make our name more recognizable as time goes on. This is a huge asset for a group as young as ours.

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